Cornish Serpentine

cornish serpentine ornamentWe can supply serpentine for any use, but we do recommend you call Garry first, to discuss your requirements in further detail.

GMC Stone have a great resource for serpentine in Cornwall and will be happy to help you find what you need.

It helps us to know what type of colour you want, along with quantity, however big or small your requirement is.

Cornish Serpentine

A deep coloured stone (can be green, red/burgundy and brown in appearance) featuring veins or flecks normally reddish or cream in colour, reportedly made popular by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

This stone is unique to a small area of Southern Cornwall and is traditionally used to make both internal stone features, such as tables and mantle pieces to items of art, giftware and souvenirs.

Common applications for Cornish Serpentine

Serpentine can be used for tables, mantle pieces and similar features internally, but is generally not suitable for outdoor use.

Also used by a declining number of crafts people who turn a selection of souvenirs from it, most famously lighthouses, but also lamp holders, pieces of art, animals and ashtrays (and more besides)