Stone Applications

Stone provides both durability and elegance for a wide variety of applications used both internally and externally by homeowners, businesses and public sector.

Home Interior

granite tops for kitchensNatural stone can be used in the home for worktops, kitchen tops, islands, sinks, floors, walls, baths, showers, fireplaces, hearths, entryways and more.

Stone brings durability and elegance together in harmony and is still regarded as high value and quality, helping homeowners maintain higher resale values.

Home Exterior

Creativity can be applied outside the home, with many home owners choosing stone for patios, paths, driveways and curbing, alongside or integrated into landscaping projects.

Stone can also be used on the home for retaining walls, columns, façades, entryways and steps.

Commercial Interior

Stone can be used in office or building lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, meeting rooms or VIP areas.

Another common use in commercial buildings is on floors and walls, which can truly bring a sense of high quality and high value to any building.

Commercial Exterior

granite-pillar-smallStone is natural and lends itself perfectly to exterior use, including, but not limited to: retaining walls, columns, steps, curbing, façade, streetscapes, walkways, sculptures, benching and seating.

Requiring virtually no maintenance, you can understand why stone is the material of choice for many commercial projects.